A Winning Attitude

Face OffOne of my favorite TV shows is a show called Face Off.

It’s a “reality” show pitting a number of make-up artists against each other in extreme challenges.   Some weeks they’ll have to create a zombie, or another week they’ll have to create an anime’ character, etc.  Every week it’s a different challenge.  And then at the end of each show someone gets eliminated.  Standard reality show formula.

Well, there’s a guy that’s in the final four contestants named Tyler.  He’s 26 years old and has a lot of great make-up skills.  But after watching the entire season (so far), I realized that his most impressive talent is that of a great ATTITUDE.

One week the challenge was dragons.  His words were “Oh man, I love dragons.  I can’t wait!”  Then another week they had to travel to Japan and make an Anime character.  His words were “Wow!  I love Japanese culture.  This’ll be great!”  Another week they had to do robots.  His words were “Robots!?  I love making robots!  I’m gonna rock this!”

Week after week he embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and excitement.  And after watching for a while, I realized that this is why he is being so successful!  By using a positive attitude, his mind is more open to creativity, hard work and success.

Some of the other competitors have said “Oh, I don’t do robots.”  Or “Japanese isn’t my favorite.”  Well, guess what.  Those folks went home!  They were defeated before they even started.

How can we use Tyler’s positive attitude as an example?  How can we live a happier and more fulfilling life by looking at problems and obstacles as challenges?  Challenges that we meet head-on with a great attitude?

This works in the classroom too.  Teachers and students alike.  When you approach each situation knowing that there is a solution.  And knowing that it’s just another challenge, everything becomes easier.

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Dedicated to adding character to the classroom (and outside the classroom)
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