About Me

264771_10150252781252138_6185650_nJohn and his daughters

Who is this John guy
and why are his
School Assemblies so great?!

It’s me!  The creator and performer of all of the Amazing School Assemblies that have educated and entertained hundreds of thousands of students in the Southern California area.

Who WAS this John guy?!

In 1998 I was a struggling actor that was beating the streets with every audition I could get my hands on.  I did lots of plays, a handful of commercials and a number of films and short films.  Struggling to get work.  Struggling to pay the bills.  The only thing I wasn’t struggling in was “being a dad”.

The day that changed my life…

My wife and I had a daughter that was 6 years old and another on the way.  I discovered that there was a better way to make a living.  A way that would change the world for my own kids and at the same time affect thousands of children.  I discovered School Assemblies.  Not just school assemblies, but school assemblies that focused on Character and Bullying and Inspiration.  All the core beliefs that I already had!!!  So I took the leap.  I am now fortunate enough to perform over 400 assemblies every year at elementary schools all over Southern California.  My oldest daughter has now graduated from college and my younger one is at an Art School in Orange County.  Both super successful in following their passions.  I love what I do and every day I wake up saying “I am truly blessed”!