Are you using Social Media to Build Your PTA?

Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram.  They’re all FREE.

Why not use them to promote your school and help build your PTA membership.  One of the Elementary schools that I visited is doing just that.  It’ll just take a little time and then it works on it’s own.Image - PTA Technology

I suggest that there is a new position in PTA.  You’ve had a PTA president, treasurer, etc…  These are mandated by the National PTA.  But I suggest you think a bit out of the box.  Create a new position called “Social Media Czar” or some such important title.  It’ll be their job to take photos of PTA events and post them on social media.  Some people actually enjoy doing this!

It’ll increase your membership, increase participation and raise more money.

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John Abrams –
Southern California’s Top Elementary School Assembly Performer

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