Practicing FAIRNESS at School

You can hear the shouts of “That wasn’t fair!” or “Your not being fair!” from the playground.

Well, sometimes it’s true.  Sometimes not.  To understand what is fair and what isn’t, students must understand a clear set of rules and expectations from teachers AND other students.  Your school may have it’s own rules and regs, but let’s just lay some down so we can all be clear.

Fairness on the playground:

  1. Everybody must agree upon rules of each game played – For example, if the ball is on the line it’s in.  One person is the referee.  etc…  Once agreed upon, follow the rules.
  2. No cutting in line – If someone cuts in line, they need to first be told by another student.  And then if still not rectified, tell a teacher.
  3. Never break school policy – I know, some schools don’t allow the game of “tag” or hanging upside down on the monkey bars.  You may not agree with these rules (I think society is certainly becoming sue-happy, but that’s a blog for a different day), but rules are rules and our students must abide by them.

Fairness in the Classroom:

  1. Do your own work – Some students will get all As and some not.  That’s just the way it is.  Nobody benefits from copying another’s work.
  2. Never cheat – Cheating on a test is not only unfair to your teacher and other students (sometimes tests are graded on a curve), but it’s unfair to the student because he/she is not learning the lesson that needs to be learned.
  3. Do your best – Be fair to yourself.  Be the best you can be.  Get the best grades you can get.  It will serve you ALWAYS.

These all may seem self-explanatory and easy, but sometimes we forget the basics.  Post these where students can see them.  Make them “Expectations”.  Make your own list for your own school.  Post those.

The more students understand what is fair and what isn’t, the better they will act towards each other.

I welcome your comments.

Dedicated to adding character to the classroom.
John Abrams –
Southern California’s Top Elementary School Assembly Performer

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