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What is this RANDOM ACTS OF CHARACTER school assembly all about…

AMAZING MAGIC, HILARIOUS JUGGLING, RANDOM CHALLENGES and the most WILD AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION you’ll ever see!  Your elementary students will learn the real meaning of each and every one of these character traits in a fun and radically entertaining way!

What is this Random Act Assembly?

MAGIC, JUGGLING, STUDENT CHALLENGES and the most WILD VENTRILOQUISM ROUTINE you’ll ever see! Your students will learn the real meaning of each and every one of these character traits in a fun and radically entertaining way…


   They’ll learn how to put these traits to work AT SCHOOL to create a more productive and harmonious environment.

    • High Energy All The Way Through!
    • Riotous Routines
    • Outrageous Audience participation
    • Hysterical Hijinks

Your students will go BERZERK!

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John Dancing with Students“Students and teachers RAVED about the wonderful Random Acts of Character assembly.  The combination of MAGIC, HUMOR, and AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION proved to be greatly entertaining.  More importantly, you passed on important character traits that will help them be successful in school and life.  You make learning fun and memorable!” –  Trang Lai – Principal – Fisler School

Each routine is carefully crafted for MAXIMUM FUN with CLEAR and CONCISE LESSONS…

  • ON CARING– Character is actually two different words.  Care and Actor.  Your students will understand that kids (and adults) with good character are the leaders of the school and of society.
  • ON RESPECT – Respect your friends.  Respect your teachers.  Respect your parents.  But most of all, respect yourselves!
  • ON TRUST – People you can trust “Keep Their Promises”.  I promise one of your students actual money, and I follow through in a mystical and magical way.
  • ON FAIRNESS – Your students will learn how to “Play fair”.  Fairness on the playground AND in the classroom!
  • ON ATTITUDE – This is the most important lesson of the day.  One of your students will be turned into a “Magician”, live, on stage, and help teach the Attitude lesson.

“I have not laughed that hard in a long time and it felt great to have tears of laughter.  Thanks again for a wonderful way of presenting important social skills to our students.”  –   Jenny Gray – Teacher – Washington Elementary

He can be trustedShe is fair!What kind of magic do you do?

Live fish appear magically, money comes out of an apple, ropes turn stiff, canes appear… every illusion customized for kids K-6th.  The perfect tricks for your elementary age students!

How do they learn?

Not only are they learning through the magic, but after each audience participation magic trick (tied into the Character Traits), three students are invited ON STAGE to answer a question each on the Character Trait.  If they get the answer right (and they always do), they get one of my SUPER DUPER, SOLID GOLD, PLASTIC CHARACTER COINS (ewhh… ahhhh!).

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at my…

Big Fat Random Note:

Schools that focus on Character score higher and produce students that are more successful later in life.  That’s a fact Jack!  That’s why I’m very proud to present “RANDOM ACTS OF CHARACTER”.

Not-So Random 100% Money Back Guarantee to You…

“Random Acts of Character” comes with John’s Super Duper Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If you, your staff and students aren’t thrilled with the assembly, you don’t pay.  It’s that simple!

“The kids loved the learning and GOT THE MESSAGE.  We can’t wait to have you back in June.  Just terrific!” – Jackee Harris – PTA – Brywood Elementary

“The kids talked about it all day as well as the teachers!  I even think some of the teachers cried they laughed so hard!” – Dana Strebig – PTA – Temecula Elementary

“You did an amazing job – and you were a HUGE hit. The principal, teachers and especially the kiddos were all so excited and pleased.” – Kathy Tam – PTA – Malcom Elementary

“John Abrams returned to our elementary school today to present his Random Acts of Character assembly. (He performed his Bully Game assembly last year, which is terrific.) Today’s assembly was incredible! He did two assemblies, one for lower grades and one for upper grades. He was entertaining while teaching our students about character traits. We were all laughing, cheering and total captivated. He kept the audience engaged the entire 45 minute with his humor, music, and fantastic magic. Several 6th graders walked into the assembly with the attitude that this will be boring, but at the end they were the ones talking about how great he was. If you can keep 6th graders engaged you know it is a fantastic assembly. We will definitely have John back again.” – Annette Morgan – PTA – Berylwood Elemenetary – Simi Valley

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