The Perfect School

I’ll never forget the day that I found THE PERFECT SCHOOL for my child.  Years ago my wife and I toured about ten local schools looking for the best one for our then Kindergartner (she’s now graduated from college).  Every principal would say “We have the highest test scores in the city” or “72 percent of our students test above grade level” and on and on.  Then, finally, we came upon the very best school – by far – bar none.   Here’s why.  When the principal was giving us the tour she said the magic words:  “Don’t we have terrific kids!”. That was it.  We’d found the perfect school.

Why was it perfect?  Because every staff member from the Principal, to the teachers to the rest of the administration focused on CHARACTER.

In fact, statistically schools that focus on Character score higher and produce students that are more successful later in life.

I travel around almost every day and have visited hundreds of schools, and that was still the best.’

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Dedicated to adding character to the classroom.
Thanks – John Abrams –
Southern California’s Top Elementary School Assembly Performer

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